Friday, 28 June 2013

Artful Readers Club - The Last train Home by Tony Wilson

I read and enjoyed this book as I sped along on the train to Scotland. The story is set on Christmas Eve and explores the lives and personalities of three very different men. Mysteriously they are all on the same, last train home with an unknown but clearly magical person. We hear about episodes in their lives and through the mists of time the stranger shows them various events that might or might not have happened. They are shocked and surprised at the ripple effect of their actions and this is the moral of the story. Seemingly small decisions we make can have a big effect on our lives and that of others with whom we are linked.
The ending is a bit Hollywood, there may even be a film with a not dissimilar theme,but I was so engaged with the characters I was happy with that and smiling as I read the last chapter.
My art work is a journal page again using silhouettes! Inspired by the description of the train stuck in the snow in the story.
Looking forward to reading all the other reviews and seeing the wonderful art work for this month, see it on Darcy's blog here    Jen x