Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Graphicus Bling

This is the necklace we made with Lynn Robinson Hunter at the Retreat. The frame is Tim Holtz and Graphicus sell the chain and hearts as a kit. Sorry the photography isn't great. The pendant bit was made by gluing a piece of grey board on to the hole in the frame, at the back. Some people then glued the buttons etc on but Lynn's method involved sewing with wire. I made a hole in the grey board with a pokey tool and treaded through a silver wire leaving a piece at the back to fasten off later. This wire was used to sew on the buttons. A copper wire which is thinner was used in the same way to sew on the pearls. The copper flower was 3 die cuts which I shaped and stuck onto each other with a pearl glued in the middle. The butterfly was also glued on. The wires were fastened off at the back and covered with a piece of felt so that they did not catch on clothes. Jump rings were used to add the dangling chains and the hearts. Great fun to do and to wear.
Thanks for taking a look your comments will be much appreciated.


  1. Hi Jen. Your necklace is lovely. I haven't taken a photo of mine yet. I hope your journey home was ok. It was lovely to meet you and I hope our paths cross again. I'll keep popping by to see your finished projects.
    Debbie Martin

  2. Fabulous necklace Jen, sounds like you had a fantastic time.
    Christine xx

  3. Had a good squizz at this and it looks fantastic. Bet it isn't nickel free though (sigh). Love the use of the little buttons. How was the flower made?

    Janet xx

  4. This is so pretty Jen,you obviously had a productive time.xxx