Friday, 21 September 2012

On Our Travels With Darcy's Postcard Challenge - Dubai

Confess to not feeling inspired by Dubai but the horse racing there is something special hence my postcard. For my page I thought I would contrast the changes that have taken place there in a relatively short time.
Do take a look at the fellow travels on this journey, they produce some fabulous art work here.
Jen x


  1. Fabulous, horse racing! So far I have seen a wide range of work for Dubai


  2. Love your card, good choice as it was hard to find something for Dubai! Valerie

  3. I found it hard this week. a great card and a great page

  4. Love your theme choice, I thought of racing too, camels and cars. M

  5. Love your choice of topic and the wonderful book page and postcard you have created. I agree, Dubai was a difficult one to do and you have risen to the challenge magnificently!

    Janet xx