Friday, 16 November 2012

On Our Travels with Darcy's Postcard Challenge - Tibet

When I think of Tibet mountains and images of prayer flags fluttering in the wind come to mind, so that is what I have done for my postcard.
On my page I have an image of the mosque at Lhasa, a dancer dressed for the ceremonial Cham dance and yaks also dressed for a special day. My pocket is an image of the Snow Lion. This image forms part of the flag of Tibet now banned by the Chinese government. It has become a symbol for exile Tibetans. My stamp depicts the Dali Lama and was issued by Hawaii to celebrate his recent visit there.
Do have a look at the work of fellow travelers here.


  1. Beautiful card, beautiful page


  2. This is lovely Jen. I do like the scene behind the flags and your travel page is wonderful.

    Janet xx

  3. Have only recently heard of prayer flags..must investigate :D XXX

  4. beautiful postcard and travel page..

  5. Love the card and book page, Jen. The prayer flags was a wonderful idea and you did it beautifully!