Friday, 23 November 2012

On Our Travels with Darcy's Postcard Challenge - Jamaica

After seeing so many beautiful sunsets pictures as I researched Jamaica I had a go at making my own. I used Distress Stains for the background and stamps from Stampscape for the images. I was really pleased to find a stamp of the famous toboggan team for the back. My page shows the flag, one of those sunsets and two famous Jamaicans.
The pocket is what I think is a wonderful painting by the Jamaican painter Barrington Watson called  "Dance of the Maroons". The Maroons are descended from runaway slaves. They established communities in the interior of Jamaica. A vibrant community continues to this day and this painting depicts a dance as part of a celebration.
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Jen x.


  1. Wonderful images in your travel book and a lovely sunset background for the palm trees. Oh how I wish I was there!

    Janet xx

  2. Gorgeous sunset colors in your background. The Dance of the Maroons and the other photos make up a beautiful page.

  3. Gorgeous Jamaica, your background is wonderful, great colours and I like that stamp a lot! M

  4. Nice Job Jenny- In my research I also found the artist Barrington Watson's work- so impressive the way he uses lines and color ,but yet so flowing.

  5. wow.. what a beautiful postcard. a great travel page as well.