Friday, 10 August 2012

On Our Travels With Darcy's Postcard Challenge - Malta

I have never visited Malta but remember a lady at church from there who always wore a beautiful black mantilla made of Maltese lace. So have chosen lace as my theme for Malta. The postcard has two samples of lace which I stamped, the stamps are from Anna Griffin, and a piece of real lace down the left.
My page shows one of the many beautiful harbours and the pocket a piece of lace depicting The Maltese Cross and a pillow on which the lace is made.
Do check out the wonderful postcards from the other travellers at Art and Sole.
Jen x


  1. Beautiful lace, Jen. I would love to be able to make something so beautiful and complicated as lace. Lovely travel page too.

    Janet xx

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  3. Lovely card, the lace is beautiful! Valerie

  4. beautiful lace.a very pretty card. also an excellent travel page...

  5. gorgeous, I love lace. I have a lace pillow and the bobbins, it is nowhere near as easy to do as they make it look lol

  6. Wow Jen love the card -Simple but yet exactly what the lace required so it can be showcased! It's shame the lace making is fading out in Malta - cause I think it isthe most gorgeous Lace made!